Al-Hujjah 2009

Reflect, Practice, Rise

May 29-31


Sheikh Jafar Muhibullah
Hajj Kauther Khan
Sheikh Usama Al-Attar


Angelus Oaks, CA

Speaker Bios

Sheikh Jafar Muhibullah

Hajj Kauther Khan

Kauther Khan is a humble servant leader and community organizer in Los Angeles, he has helped found Yaseen Educational Foundation, one of the most successful Islamic organizations in Southern California. He is a regular community lecturer on a variety of topics, religious, leadership and spiritual. Brother Kauther has offered AMYNA and IMAM strategic direction, especially in developing their mission and vision as an organization. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Sheikh Usama Al-Attar

PO box 4364 Irvine CA 92616

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